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Soursop benefits

Soursop is a fruit that originates from South America, South East Asia, and Africa. It’s also known as Graviola, Guanabana and Brazilian paw paw.

This fruit is spiny, large, and green tropical fruit. The flesh is white in color and the taste is sweet-sour with a particular flavor, perhaps like a combination of pineapple and strawberry.

Soursop fruit has a lot of benefits for health. It’s leaves, seeds, fruit, and root bark can be utilized for natural treatments. In the ancient Amazonas area, this fruit was used for the treatments of lots of diseases. Various complex diseases can be teated with soursop like:

  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Cancer 

 In this article, I will describe the traditional use of this medicinal fruit for the treatments of diseases.

Soursop for Treatment Of Diabetes

Intake of raw soursop fruit is helpful to control diabetes. Also, by the leaves of soursop, diabetes can be treated. The trick is to boil ten soursop leaves a rather old with two cups of water. Reserving one cup water. Make this and drink it in the morning and afternoon.

This drink can also be made by drying the leaves of the soursop. Dry the soursop leaves as several as ten leaves till totally dry. Mash till sleek or processed into a powder. Then brewed with hot water to make tea. You’ll add honey to feature flavor. Drink it in the morning and afternoon.

Soursop for Treatment of Cancer

In the Amazonas area, Soursop has been used successfully for treating cancer for hundreds of years. The extract of soursop has a higher potential for curing cancer. The best source of curing cancer is in soursop tea, which is made from soursop leaf. Eight types of cancer can be treated using this fruit leaves.

For the treatment follow the instruction that is given below:

  1. Take the ten strands of soursop leaves the dark green.
  2. Then boil 3 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup water.
  3. Then filter it and drink it every morning and afternoon.
  4. Drink it for the next 3-4 weeks to see the effect.

Also, include soursop fruits in your diet to get good results from this natural treatment.

Soursop for the Treatment of Asthma

By soursop leaves, asthma can be cured. To treat asthma, at first, take 7 soursop leaves, squeeze the extract of those leaves and mix it with half a glass of water. Intake it every morning until your disease cured.

Soursop for Treatment of Tumor

Drinking a glass of ripe soursop fruit juice daily helps to remove the tumor from the body. Also, intake of a glass of boiled soursop leaves water daily is good for removing the tumor from the body.

Soursop for the Treatment of Diarrhea

For the treatment of diarrhea, squeeze the fruit and add little water then drink twice daily to get relief from diarrhea. For infants, who are suffering from diarrhea, two to three tablespoon of this drink should be given to them as treatment. Also, soursop bark and leaf together is a good treatment for diarrhea.

Soursop and Skin Health

Soursop is good for skin health. Skin problems like wrinkles, black spot, acne, or dark skin problems can be solved using soursop seeds. To solve these skin problems, pound or blend the seeds to make powder. After that, mix the soursop seeds powder with water to make face mask paste. Apply that face mask paste on your face. By this way, skin problems can be gone and you can get a healthier skin.

Soursop to treat Gout

In the case of gout treatment, soursop is very effective. You can get natural treatment by following this way:

  1. At first, Take 6 to 10 Soursop leaves which are a little bit old but green and wash them properly.
  2. Boil these leaves with two cups of water until only one cup remains.
  3. Take this mixture twice a day (in the morning and in evening)

Soursop to treat Back Pain

Treatment of back pain is another use of Soursop. Many people are suffering from back pain who are working much and over exercising. To get this effective herbal remedy you need to boil twenty pieces of the leaves with five cups of water till just only three cups remain.

After that, try to drink the ¾ cup of the concoction once a day to get rid of back pain. Also, to get rid of other types of pains, chew the soursop leaves or you can apply the leaf juice directly to the affected area.

Soursop to reduce Stress

If you are stressed about something else then you can drink soursop tea to reduce your stress. Soursop tea helps to sleep well and reduce stress. Also, stress can be reduced fast by the extracts of Soursop fruits or Soursop fruit juice.

Soursop to treat Hair Problems

When people lead an unhealthy lifestyle or stay in environmental pollution, they can face in several hair problems like hair loss, split ends, dandruff, premature graying etc. To solve these hair problems herbal remedies are very effective.

As an herbal remedy, the extract of Soursop leaves can help to prevent these hair problems. Also, by Soursop leaf extract and soursop seed oil, hair remains healthy and it helps to get rid of head lice.

Soursop for the Treatment of Fever

To cure fever, soursop leaves are used often. To lower body temperature taking bath with soursop leaves mixed water is very effective. There is another way for getting rid of fever, that is, drinking soursop tea. It also helps to lower body temperature and get rid of fever.

Treatments Using Soursop for Other Health Problems

Using soursop blood pressure, gallbladder problems, heart and nerve diseases, migraine, and anemia can be cured. To treat Eczema and Rheumatism, applying mashed soursop leaves to the affected areas twice per day is very effective.

Seeds of Soursop fruit are used to treat vomiting. Directly applying fruit pulp on wounds helps to speed up healing. The root bark of Soursop is used to treat poisoning. Soursop makes human body refreshing and energetic. It also helps to lose weight gradually.

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